Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Licensing Models

The price of Microsoft CRM depends on the level of implementation support but mostly on the license and installation type. Thus, it's best to understand the licenses. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online involves three types of licenses:

  1. User Subscription License (USL): The license provides read-write access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality. It is a non-perpetual license unlike licenses purchased outright and the access will be available only so long as the customer is current on subscription payments. And unlike outright purchases where the customer will have to purchase Software Assurance to access the latest features, USL provides access to the most up-to-date version of the CRM automatically.

  2. Step-up User Subscription License (Step-up USL): Step-up USL provides access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to users who have purchased perpetual software licenses (Client Access Licenses – CALs and Software Assurance – SA). The perpetual licenses might have been purchased under Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement or Campus / School Agreement. This model is intended to protect customers’ existing investments in Microsoft licensing and requires that they maintain and renew the SA agreements (failure to do so will mean that they will have to buy the USL instead of the Step-up USL). The customer does not get perpetual rights to the CRM Online which grants only non-perpetual rights as under USL.

  3. Additional Storage Add-on License: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online comes with five gigabytes of storage. If the customer requires additional storage space, subscription based licenses can be purchased for additional storage in one gigabyte units.

Subscription licenses are needed for each internal user in the organization, such as its employees, affiliates, contractors or agents. The customer need not, however, purchase a license for any external user who accesses the Service without using any of the software.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licenses are always for read-write access. There is no model that provides read only access. However, the CRM system allows the customer to configure user accounts and restrict some users to read-only access. If you are interested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM product, you may want to check out the cost of dynamics CRM.


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