Did you know that your diet can raise or lower your Blood Pressure?

By Ed Camp – San Francisco Chiropractor

Many Americans are on a high sugar, high grain and low fat diet this can actually be devastating for your health.

A study published in the Journal of Diabetes published in 1998 reported that two thirds of their test subjects who were insulin resistant (IR) had high blood pressure. This was directly attributed to a high sugar high grain diet and INSUFFICIENT AMOUNTS OF EXERCISE.

The implication of this is, if you have hypertension (High blood pressure) you probably have poorly controlled blood sugar. As insulin elevates, so does your blood pressure.

Another issue here is, insulin stores magnesium, and if your insulin receptors are insufficient, and your cells become insulin resistant, you can’t store magnesium in your cells so it passes through you and is lost in your urination. Magnesium stored in cells relaxes muscles.

This starts a series of circular problems….

Lack of magnesium causes blood vessels to constrict rather than relax raising blood pressure and decreasing energy levels.

Insulin affects blood pressure by causing sodium retention which raises blood pressure.

Therefore, if your hypertension is due to poorly controlled blood sugar levels, normalizing your blood sugars will bring your blood pressure back down to a more healthy level.

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